The To-Do list, reborn.

We built Accomplish because we believe that we can get more done by planning out our time in advance. Accomplish is a tool that helps you both remember what you need to do, and plan out your time - day by day.

Accomplish helps you get more done by combining a To-Do list with a calendar-like Day-View. These two connected parts make up Accomplish.

This is the To-Do list
On the left side of Accomplish, there is a slide-out To-Do list. This is where you can keep track of everything you have to do. Keep all your To-Do's here.

This is the Day-View
Behind the To-Do list lies the Day-View. It’s like a Day-View in a calendar, but creating and editing events in it is much easier than in most calendars. The Day-View is where you can plan out your time. You can drag tasks from the To-Do list straight into the Day-View. This connection between the To-Do list and the Day-View makes for seamless time planning.

Productivity apps shouldn’t waste your time by being slow. That’s just silly. So when we built Accomplish we did everything to make is fast and easy to use – we gave it a highly graphic interface. Say goodbye to settings “start time” and “end time” using clunky menus – in Accomplish you can simply stretch a task or change its time by dragging it around in your Day-View! This and many other gesture-based controls make Accomplish REALLY fast.

Accomplish is finally ready!
You can download it now on the play store:


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